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They say one man/woman doesn't make a show but in this case "THEY" could be wrong. I mean we saw what happened to 'Three and a Half Men' right?

Fox Producers have decided to terminate the contract of Lethal Weapon star Clayne Crawford who was known for portraying Martin Riggs, once played by Mel Gibbson in the lethal Weapon movie franchise, and replacing him with American Pie actor Sean William Scott! The termination comes after multiple complaints of Crawford's numerous outbursts while on set.

Below we see the final post from this past Sunday from Crawford address his former cast, crew and fans.

Its been said that Sean William Scott will be playing a new character who may possibly be the brother of 'Martin Riggs' in the upcoming season. For those of you who haven't been keeping up, the Martin Riggs character has been apparently killed off in the season finally episode titled "One More Day". Nothing has been confirmed as far as if the character is gone for good but hopefully Crawford and Warner bros can figure this thing out and bring back its main character along side Sargent Murtaugh. We Wish Clayne the best of luck! As for William Scott, Damon Wayans and Lethal Weapon season 4, our thoughts and prayers are with you both. May this thing continue to bring you all success!


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