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‘GLADIATOR 2’: First Footage From Cinemacon and Plot Details About Ridley Scott’s Highly Anticipated Sequel!

The first footage of Ridley Scott’s ‘GLADIATOR 2’ starring Paul Mescal was shown today at CinemaCon 2024. Paramount blessed the audience with what was about 5 minutes worth of footage to set the tone for Ridley Scott’s upcoming sequel and we have a brief description below!

It begins with a a voice: "I remember that day. I never forgot it. That a slave could take revenge against an emperor," says Paul Mescal's character. A boat battle is seen taking place in the Colosseum. Paul Mescal and other Gladiators fight vicious monkeys. "Rage is your gift," Denzel Washington tells Paul Mescal. Washington and Pedro Pascal watch on as Mescal fights a rhinoceros. The song "No Church in the Wild" plays. The footage ends with a brutal fight between Pedro Pascal and Paul Mescal.

Paul Mescal stars as a nobleman who has renounced his privilege. He will face off against Pedro Pascal character who has been described as a “charging rhino, sharks and a horde of vicious baboons”. But allow us to share with you the full details of the story below.

The plot, set fifteen years after the death of Commodus and General Maximus, is set to include the Praetorian Guards ruling Rome, and an older-aged Lucius, son of Lucilla, searching for the truth about his biological father who might have been Maximus.

Paul Mescal and Pedro Pascal will go “head to head” in Ridley Scott’s ‘GLADIATOR 2.’ On November 22, 2025 only in Theaters!


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