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Film: Gringo

Starring: David Oyelowo, Charlize Theron, Joel Edgerton, Paris Jackson

Director: Nashe Gerton

Review: Mark 4d

Rating: 2.5 Xs out of 5X's

One look at this cast will have any fan hooked and wanting to find out more. Gringo is an adventure dramedy that unfortunately needed to sharpen up an unfocused plot. You will have some laughs, you will get emotional, but that’s all. With a powerhouse cast, it felt like expectations were not met and the potential undiscovered. David Oyelowo, who plays Harold, a hard-working American businessman, was extremely fun to watch and delivered on his comedic role. His shady business partners, played by #Charlizetherone and #JoelEdgerton, send Harold to Mexico with plans that fall through. Being played by his partners and with his bank account in the negatives, Harold devises a plan that leads him to find out more than he wanted to know. The Mexican cartel gets involved believing Harold is El Hefe (the boss) of the company halting shipments of their product. In a game of cat and mouse, Harold must find a way out of this mess, Alive! Even with Gringos choppy plot, I will say the skilled acting by the cast carried this movie to the end. Shout out supporting actor/ actress #SharltoCopley #AmandaSeyfried and congrats #ParisJackson on her debut film.


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