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Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Film: Halloween

Starring: James Jude Courtney Jamie Lee Curtis Andi Matichak, Judy Greer, Will Patton

Directed by: David Gordon Green

Review by: Klep Napier

Rating: 4X's out of 5X's

Michael Myers has returned home once again and just in time for the Halloween season. But this time around it's different. 'Halloween' revisits the franchise with a reimagining unlike before. A sequel reboot which erases its original timeline: Halloween 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, H20, and resurrection. This story picks up 40 years right after the events of the original story, starring Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her role as #LauriStrode living in seclusion somewhere near her home town Haddonfiled in anticipation for the untimely return of her tormentor #MichaelMyers. Lauri's darkest dreams come true when Michael returns to Haddonfield to continue his autumn killing spree. But let's not beat around the bush any longer, Halloween 2018 revives the slasher genre with great respect. While still paying homage to its classic roots, it taps into the mind of today's younger audiences still bringing the surprises and jump scares to keep us engaged. The wins for this film circle around the women, who take the drivers seat of this thing steering us into the rooting section with confidence. The damsel in distress has been redefined through Curtis and her female co-stars[#JudyGreer, #AndiMatichak]. Other wins have to go to the writers for realism and death scenes. This film gets dark and with all the PG13 horror nonsense out there, it's good to see that writers like #DannyMcBride aren't afraid to wear the Rated R badge with honor. Oh yea you didn't know? Some losses throughout would be minor plot holes in order to keep the story flowing. Lack of originality whereas some scenes may seem very familiar, but somehow work. The story is a tad thin where only real fans will appreciate the suspense as to where its possibly going. Not saying newer fans won't enjoy, but if the cut throat straight to the point slasher film is what your looking for, then see Halloween 2018. Kick back and enjoy! Happy Halloween.

HALLOWEEN hits theaters October 19th 2018


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