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Here’s a look at your new Mrs. Doubtfire!

New photos have surfaced via EW, of Rob McClure as the iconic nanny in the upcoming Broadway musical based on the beloved 1993 Robin Williams film of the same name. Earlier promos have teased McClure's take on the character, but this is the first time you can see Mrs. Doubtfire from the front — blonde wig, pearl earrings, giant glasses and all.

McClure shared with EW in a statement, the intense transformation process he will endure during the show.

“Euphegenia Doubtfire takes a village, I’ve got an entire Indianapolis 500 pit crew back there. My dressers and make-up team are superheroes. One of the most thrilling differences between the movie and the Broadway show is that we are doing this in real time. When Daniel Hillard runs into the other room and emerges as everyone’s favorite Scottish nanny 18 seconds later, our director can’t yell cut and send me to a trailer for five hours. We’ve got 18 seconds. I can feel the audience sweating with me! 'IS HE GONNA MAKE IT?!?' The stakes are so high! It makes for electrifying theatre."

The musical comedy centers on struggling, out-of-work actor Daniel Hillard (originally played by Williams), who will do anything for his kids. After losing custody in a messy divorce, he disguises himself as Scottish nanny Euphegenia Doubtfire in a desperate attempt to stay in their lives.

The rest of the Mrs. Doubtfire cast also includes Jenn Gambatese as Miranda Hillard, Peter Bartlett as Mr. Jolly, Charity Angél Dawson as Wanda Sellner, Mark Evans as Stuart Dunmire, J. Harrison Ghee as Andre Mayem, Analise Scarpaci as Lydia Hillard, Jake Ryan Flynn as Christopher Hillard, Avery Sell as Natalie Hillard, and Brad Oscar as Frank Hillard.

The show opens April 5th 2020 while tickets are on sale now!

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