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Hilary Duff Wants Lizzie McGuire On Hulu.

With the launch of Disney+ the streaming service has opted to bring back old favorites such as Lizzie McGuire. The series got Hilary Duff along with other past cast mates to reprise their roles for the new series. Duff has her own ideas for the direction of the show as she requested that the Lizzie McGuire reboot be taken off Disney+ and be put on Hulu. Duff shared her thoughts via Instagram.

Duff along with the original creator and showrunner Terri Minsky initially wanted the new show to go in a more mature direction with even a few episodes being filmed. Disney pulled the plug and removed Minsky from the new series most likely to make room for the lighthearted feel of the original show.

Duff sees a move to Hulu as the perfect compromise as the show can still be created but have the mature tone she is looking to explore. However the point of the show being brought back to life was to attract more subscribers to Disney+. This is the classic battle of art vs commerce. It will be interesting to see if the new reboot for Disney+ can attract a new generation of fans.

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