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Film: I, Tonya Starring: Margot Robbie, Sabstian Stan, Alison B. Janney Director: Craig Gillespie Studio: Neon Rated Rating: 3X's out of 5X's If you grew up in the 1990s then you were no stranger to the name Tonya Harding. The national figure ice skater was known for a couple things. She was the first American figure skater to nail the triple axel spin, but more famously known for the "incident" which left her friend/competitor skater Nancy Kerrigan with a broken knee after she was assaulted by an unkown attacker during one of her practices. Speculations say that the attack was planned by Harding in order to get a leg up (no pun) on the competition. But the film depicts a similar yet different story. The story is told through Hardings perspective, showing her rough childhood leading into the start of her even rougher skating career. Was she mentally unstable or just a victim of her own upbringing and love life? #AllisonJenny's portrayal of Tonya's mother is the most entertaining and disturbing when you strip away the overlaying dark humor. In fact, its telling of Tonya's love interest played by #sabastianstan as Jeff Gillooly that really lays it on thick emotionally, yet the stylings and cinematography by director Craig Gillespie fluff over the more serious tone of the film. This is what keeps the film bareable to watch without sheding a tear.

The truth is, regardless of what really happened, Tonya Harding was talented. Maybe more talented than most during that time. And even with all that she dealt with behind closed doors, she still was able to follow her dreams and set foot on the ice with the best of them. It will feel longer than it should in our opinion. Everything you need is within the first hour and a half of the film. Overall Margot Robbie is amazing at bringing Tonya's story to life. We’ll let you decide what is fact or fiction but the ride is worth the price of admission if you can go into an underdog story with an unbiased opinion.


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