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Indie film makers seek to make live action ‘Recess’ sequel!

Do you remember the animated series Recess from the '90s? The Disney channel series was spun off into a number of direct-to-video movies and one big screen endeavor called" Recess: School's Out. Now it appears to be getting a continuation from independent filmmakers, as a short fan film sequel to the show.

Now procuring its budget by way of crowdfunding, the project comes from Jerome Yoo and Kent Donguines with a script by Zlatina Pacheva. The Recess sequel will bring back all of the kids we remember seeing from the classic cartoon, only now they're in high school dealing with the issues older teenagers face as they head towards graduation and adulthood. Oh, and we should also mention the movie will be live-action, depicting how the older versions of the characters would look after moving on from junior high.

First airing in 1997 as a part of ABC's One Saturday Morning cartoon block, Disneyanimated series Recess followed a class of third-graders and the hijinks they would get into during their elementary school's recess time. The main characters consisted of T.J. the prankster, Vince the athlete, Ashley the tomboy, Gretchen the child prodigy, Mikey the goof, and Gus the nerd, though there were many other very memorable characters as well. The series was a hit, ultimately spanning for six seasons and 127 episodes before ending its run in 2001. Even after its conclusion, the series had a resurgence in popularity when it began airing in synidcation on ABC's sister channel Toon Disney, which later became the Disney Channel.

Of course, the end of Recess as a TV series only marked its start as an ongoing movie series from Disney. In 2001, the first movie based on the series, Recess: School's Out, was released in theaters, featuring a storyline with the kids saving the world during their summer vacation. During the holiday season of that same year, the direct-to-video sequel Recess Christmas: Miracle on Third Street was released. Two more video sequels would arrive in 2003 with the releases of Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade and Recess: All Growed Down. Because no movies have been released since, it's now apparently up to indie filmmakers to keep the story going in their own fan films.

Disney doesn't appear to have any official plans for a new Recess movie or TV series continuation, but the idea of it becoming a reality isn't too far-fetched. Revivals of many other classic '90s cartoons are currently in the works as Hollywood continues to capitalize on the recent trend of '80s and '90s nostalgia. Rocko's Modern Life will soon be heading to Netflix with an animated movie sequel, featuring the same animation and voice cast from the original. Rugrats also has both a live-action movie and new episodes of the animated series in the works at Nickelodeon as well. Especially if this fan film gets a lot of attention, it could just be a matter of time before we see more Recess.

At this stage, the filmmakers behind the fan film are currently raising the necessary budget to shoot the project. With a flexible goal of $6,850, the crowdfunding campaign offers a variety of perks for those who choose to donate. You can read more about the movie and donate to the project over at Indiegogo.


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