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By now, you have either gone to see Avengers: Endgame or you know some one who has gone to see it more than once helping it gross over 2.1 Billion Dollars world wide to date. For weeks now fans and others have been keeping track of box-office earnings for Avengers: Endgame, with anticipation that it could indeed become the highest grossing film ever. But first, it will need to snatch the reigns from James Cameron's Avatar and it’s 2.7 Billion dollar title.

Speaking of James Cameron, he himself also sees this possibility as well. Maybe clearer than most. Earlier this morning Cameron took to social media to show great sportsmanship congratulating everyone at Marvel for their major achievement surpassing his 1997 hit Titanic along with 8 other blockbusters along the way which include Furious 7, Jurassic Park and even Marvel's own Avengers: infinity War and Black Panther!

Either way, Cameron shows both class and humility. Both great qualities to have in this industry. Take a look at his touching and inspiring post for yourselves:

For years the ten highest grossing films have reigned for decades according to Wikipedia. As Avengers: Endgame demolishes the competition. take a look at the complete list of highest to lowest grossing films by clicking “Wikipedia“ above!

Avenger: Endgame is still in theaters everywhere.

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