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Jay & Silent Bob Reboot [Review]

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Film: Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

Cast: Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Harley Quinn Smith, Treshelle Edmond, Justin Long, Craig Robinson, Ben Affleck, Jason Lee, Shannon Elizabeth, Rosario Dawson, Val Kilmer, James Van Der Beek, Jason Biggs.

Written By: Kevin Smith

Directed By: Kevin Smith

Review By: Klep Napier

Rating 2.5 X’s out of 5X’s

Director Kevin Smith steps behind the camera once again to deliver what one could describe as a love letter to his loyal fans. Yes folks, it was 25 years ago when a young, hard headed, ambitious director left college in order to make his first feature film titled ‘Clerks’. That film would introduce us to two of the most unlikeliest heroes who would then go on to their own journey getting into trouble from the streets of New Jersey to the avenues of Hollywood California. Ladies and gentleman we are talking about none other than Jay and Silent Bob. Since then Jay and Silent Bob have appeared in almost every Kevin Smith storyline throughout his entire directorial career. The two have become staples in pop culture particularly within the world of stoners and geeks across the globe.

In 2001 Jay and Silent Bob spawned their very own star studded feature film spinoff (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back) which with time became a cult classic. This time around Smith continues their story in a sequel, sorry a reboot, to the 2001 film. One, that nobody asked for. Jay and Silent Bob Reboot follows Jay and his “hetero-life mate” Silent Bob as they journey back to Hollywood to stop a reboot to a movie which stole their likenesses, from ever being made. Again.

Here’s where it works folks. The infamous duo and their supporting cast do not look like they had a single hard days work on set. It’s loads of fun and with call backs to every film related to what long time Smith fans call the “Jersey Trilogy” aka the View Askewniverse. My personal favorite was the return of Ben Affleck back in a Kevin Smith flick, back where it all started. The two's strained relationship has been well documented and it's been nearly a decade since the two even last spoke, so it's a great to see one of the original members of the View Askew universe back in the mix. But outside of what fans already know and would expect, there are layers added to old and new characters which give this Jay & Bob film loads of heart. Kevin has always been strong with the “emo” stuff and in this reboot, Kevin not only takes a page from the late Wes Craven by rebooting a movie within a rebooted movie, Smith also adds in a tone we’re not use to seeing within the starring pair. This shows that Kevin understands these characters are filled with far more than dick & pot jokes and need to grow up at some point in their lives. Awesome new additions to the party include Smith’s own daughter Harley Quinn, and her on screen bestie Treshelle Edmond who seem to pose as an easter egg in Kevin’s plan to poke fun at the stylings of the modern day reboot. Ie. gender/racebending. In fact if you pay close attention you may experience a ton of deja vu seeing certain situations play out with different characters.

Now where it loses, Jay & Silent Bob Reboot is merely a quick fix of nostalgia. A minor buzz that will barely stick with you through the night but a high you certainly will come down from once you leave the theater. Not too memorable in that sense. It’s super fun to revisit all of these characters. But if you’re not a fan of Smith’s View Askew universe and storytelling you’re bound to get lost in it’s ridiculousness.

I've concluded Kevin Smith rebooted Jay and Silent Bob for a few reasons. 1. To finally get the gang back together again. 2. To make fun of the exploitation of modern day cinema and it's infatuation with reboots. 3. So Smith can humbly name drop all of his famous friends and colleagues with gratuitous cameos on a set and be able to call it a work day, while putting some cold hard studio cash in said friends pockets in the process. Well played Mr. Smith, well played. In the end tho, Strikes Back is a vastly better film, with much more production value, but this one will sit well in the Kevin Smith catalogue and with fans of Smith's work. Next up is Clerks 3!


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