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Jesse L. Martin Say He's Ready To Return To ‘Law & Order’!

After taking a long break from keeping the streets of New York safe and committing to eight seasons of the popular CW series The Flash, Actor Jesse L. Martin, known for his role as Ed Green on Law & Order has some interests in returning to the Dick Wolf series.

“I couldn’t possibly say. I certainly hope so,” Martin replied when asked, adding “There were a lot of loose ends when Ed Green left the scene, if you will. Yes, maybe.”

Jesse L. Martin, hinted while in an interview Thursday on CBS’ The Talk that.

Martin first appeared on the show in Season 10 and continued through the end of Season 18, when his character left the NYPD after he was indicted and tried for a shooting. The charges had been dropped and Green was still on the force, but he unhappily decided to leave.

Reps from NBC declined comment, but Deadline reports source close to the production confirm that there are NO talks with Martin currently happening at this time.

Last fall NBC announced it was bringing back Dick Wolf’s Emmy-winning series for a new season, eleven and a-half years after it had been abruptly canceled.

Law & Order is produced by Wolf Entertainment and Universal Television, a division of Universal Studio Group. Wolf, Eid, Arthur W. Forney and Peter Jankowski are executive producers.

Law & Order returns with Season 21 on Thursday, February 24.


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