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Joe Jonas and wife Sophie Turner remake “A Princess Bride” exclusively for Quibi!

Hot couple or husband and wife rather, Joe Jonas and Sophia Turner have decided to gift the world with a remake of classic.

According to The New York Post, the couple is set to star in a celeb-studded remake of the ‘80s classic The Princess Bride. However, this isn’t your ordinary reboot! The movie will premiere exclusively on the new “short form” content platform Quibi, debuting two chapters at a time, and it will reportedly be shot by the actors themselves, at home, via their phones.

The couple will be joined by stars like Beanie Feldstein, Zazie Beetz, Hugh Jackman, Chris Pine, Keegan-Michael Key, Tiffany Haddish, and many, many more. Fred Savage, who played The Grandson in the original, is also returning to the iconic story to reprise his role more than three decades later. “The actors will trade off roles throughout scenes, each paying homage to The Princess Bride in their own unique way,” the Post reports. The outlet also shares that the production is getting crafty when it comes to crowd scenes, opting to use Legos and stuffed animals instead of extras. Hollywood is definitely getting creative in the age of COVID-19!

This very unique Princess Bride remake also has a charitable element; Quibi donated $1 million in its honor to the organization World Central Kitchen, which aims to provide meals to those in need amid the pandemic.

The first chapter of the new Princess Bride debuts on June 29.

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