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Kevin Smith to make a stop in Springfield on this season of 'The Simpsons'!

"D'OH! I reached a career milestone yesterday when I voiced myself on The Simpsons! This was a massive moment in my life, right up there with the Chinese Theatre foot prints or #Clerks getting into the Library of Congress!"

Earlier this week, The Clerks and Jay and Silent Bob Reboot director took to social media and revealed that he will be voicing a version of himself on an upcoming episode of The Simpsons. The show is currently airing season 31, with season 32 already on the books for the 2020/2021 season.

"The Simpsons are in my creative DNA and I've spent my career trying to ape their blend of humor and heart. So when I received the invitation to voice a Simpsonized version of me, I wept tears of joy. Carolyn Omine is the Emmy winning writer of the ep, as well as my way into my favorite show of all time. When Homer called Maggie Silent Bob in '3 Gays and a Condo' I thought that was the closest I'd ever come to Springfield. But thanks to Carolyn, now I get to speak to #homersimpson himself! Eternal thanks to Carolyn, everyone writing on the show, the recording engineers, and all the way more famous people who probably passed on this part, allowing Carolyn to go way down the list to find my name! I told the kids in the writers room I didn't care if I was first, second or third choice: I was just ecstatic to be there. The head writer joked 'You were our *final* choice.' So finally, after being a fan for 35 seasons, I'm gonna be part of the Simpsons' world! And it was all yellow..."

Says Smith.

Check out the full post from Kevin Smith's Instagram. Or, just click below!

The Simpsons debuted on Fox in 1989 and, across 31 seasons, has aired more than 670 episodes. Recently, rumors swirled that the show was nearing the end of its run, but that was shot down by longtime producer Al Jean. So it should easily pass 700 episodes before all is said and done. The Simpsons airs Sundays on Fox.


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