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Mahershala Ali set to be Marvel's new Blade!

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Marvel’s phase 4 is finally here and with it comes the introduction of new heroes to the MCU. One of the latest hero additions is Blade who will be played by no other than Mahershala Ali.

Kevin Feige recently commented that Ali called the studio after winning an Oscar for his work in Green Book. “When Mahershala calls you answer. At the meeting Ali came right out and said that he wanted to do Blade. That was that.”

Mahershala is no stranger to Marvel having played Cottonmouth on Netflix’s Luke Cage. So the transition from small to big screen will most likely be a seamless one.

The character of Blade has a long history via the comics and the original film trilogy featuring Wesley Snipes, who did a fantastic job portraying the character. This is where the masses got their introduction to the character in 1998, all of this was prior to the hero movie craze of today.

Blade was one of the first Marvel characters to see success in the box office where other films such as The Hulk and Daredevil failed. Taking an already proven cinematic character coupled with an extremely talented actor that is seemingly a perfect fit for the role seems like a recipe for yet another win for the MCU.


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