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Martin Kove Launches ‘Cobra Kai’ Podcast With Family!

Sensei John Kreese, aka Martin Kove is hosting his own Cobra Kai podcast and bringing No Mercy!

The actor has teamed up with LiveOne-owned audio platform PodcastOne, to launch Cobra Koves.

The series, which launches on January 20, will be hosted by Kove, and his kids, fraternal twins Jesse and Rachel, recap episodes of the Netflix drama series. He will also share stories from the original trilogy of movies, how he originally became involved in the Karate Kid trilogy and the Cobra Kai series including how surprised the cast was when the iconic original film became a worldwide sensation. Kove and his kids will also give insight into their own family.

The Podcast will feature a range of guests including actors, athletes, musicians, and psychology experts as they discuss Cobra Kai, Hollywood, pop culture, spirituality, mental health, and bullying.

“As a Karate Kid fan growing up, and now a Cobra Kai fan, I could not be more excited to welcome the Kove’s to the PodcastOne family. The stories and insight that Martin, Jesse, and Rachel will share on Cobra Koves will capture and charm everyone from television fans to film buffs to listeners looking for a set of dynamic hosts delivering top notch content. We cannot wait to share this podcast with the world,”

said Kit Gray, President of PodcastOne.

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