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Men In Black: International [REVIEW]

Film: Men In Black: International

Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Liam Neeson, Kumail Nanjani

Director: F. Gary Gray

Review: Klep Napier, Queen V., Mark 4D

Rating: 3X’s out of 5X

Surprisingly, yet not often, does Hollywood pull something from out of the movie reel vault, dust it off and redistributes it with a freshly new and excited image. The MIB franchise still thrives with Men In Black: International folks and there’s lots to give credit as to why. MIB: International stars Thor: Ragnarok duo #ChrisHemsworth and #TessaThompson as Agents H and M. [No relation to the clothing store] The film follows the two as they both adjust as individual agents during a time of intergalactic crisis. Rookie Agent M [Thompson] is assigned to the UK on a probationary basis as she learns the ways of the universe through the eyes of MIB. Along the way she tags along with hot shot Agent H [Hemsworth] attempting to help him protect an alien friend and uncover secrets about the MIB all while preventing total distruction of the universe!

Let’s get into the wins shall we? MIB: International proves that this franchise is alive and well and can live on no matter who’s pumping the blood! The chemistry between Hemsworth and Thompson is hilariously fun and smart on the casting side of things. They’re the perfect match for any light hearted adventure. A lot of reoccurring cameos from the original series make an appearance and not in a “let’s name drop for clout” kinda way. No, MIB:I is smart in making it it’s own. The comedy is fresh and original to its characters so we get a sense of where they’re coming from and not where we as an audience have already been. Respectful nods to its predecessor are in and out as fast you can be neuralized to forget them. But they’re worth the callback. #KumailNanjani graces us with an MVP performance as “Pawny”, the last of his miniature sized alien race. He tags along for the adventure in the most funsize way. Expect a lot of product placement with this little fella! But of course with the wins there has to be some losses. Although MIB:I is super fun and new, the film tends to move a little too fast. They expect us to know where we’re going because most have already been there before. Thompson’s journey into her black attire comes off as a bit too easy leaving loads of potential plot holes as the story moves along. She just knows too much too fast. This film could have won us over had it treated it as a sequel within a reboot. Spoon feed us her journey so we could care a little more. Other than that the film serves its purpose in continuing the legacy of Agents K and J. Overall fun in most places and not a lot of explanation in others and sadly predictable. If you’re just there for the charm and wit, well then this one’s for you!


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