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Millie Bobby Brown challenges 'Stranger Thing' fans!


By now most of us have watch the phenomenon which is Netflix's 'Stranger Things' season 3 and are aware of the many, many 1980's references and easter eggs this season has to offer. For those of you who haven been living under a rock and haven't made it through the third installment, stop right now! Things are about to get fun and spoiler-ish!

Earlier this a afternoon Eleven herself, Millie Bobby Brown, took to her instagram to call back to one of the best moments from season 3, episode 8.

In said episode, we see Dustin communicating with his summer camp girlfriend, Suzie. Dustin needs her help trying to figure out a mathematical equation that will help Sherif Hopper and the gang save the world. Before Suzie lends a hand, not knowing the others are listening in, she has as simple request from Dustin. Suzie demands that dustin serenade her with the classic 80's movie theme to 'The Never-ending Story'! The two go on as a duet performing stealing the show and hands down being crowned as the coolest relationship in the series. And just under 2 minutes. We hope to see more of Dusty-bun and Suzie-poo in the future.

Now, back to Millie Bobby Brown. Millie challenges YOU the fans to partake in a newest viral challenge dubbed #neverendingchallenge where she lip-syncs to the scene leading up to the song and then performing it. Check it out below:

The post has already massive attention and the challenge has graciously been accepted by fans! We may have another "Kiki, do you love me" on our hands. Look out Drake!

Tell us, will you be accepting the challenge?

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