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The anticipation just keeps growing and growing for the new Marvel Studios project set to drop May 4th 2018. So to keep the talk going we've taken a few still shots from the latest Superbowl TV spot trailer! Enjoy

What is that Spidey up too!??

House of M? Scarlet Witch & Vision sharing a moment.

The Caps got a new shield!

Looks like something is about to go down.

A teenage Groot.

Black Widow along side The Dora Milaje. What could she be staring at?

Tony's new suit! Best shot in the trailer!

Iron Man has Dr. Strange's back!

Bucky is on the front line! New arm and all.

Could Nebula be there to save the day? Have you read Infinity War the comic?

Peter: "Where are we?"

The end is near.

Avengers Infinity War is set to hit theaters May 4th 2018


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