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One Of Us Is Lying [Season 2] Review

Series: One Of Us Is Lying [Season 2]

Starring: Marianly Tejada, Cooper Von Grootel, Chibuikem Uche, Melissa Collazo, Annalise Cochran, Jess McLeod, Sara Thompson

Streaming: Peacock

Review: Klep Napier

Rating: 3X’s out of 5X’s

Peacock’s One Of Us Is Lying is one of the best murder mystery, who done it shows you probably never even heard of.

From creator Erica Saleh and based on the novel written by best selling author Karen McManus, One Of Us Is Lying returns for a second season following the Murder Club of Bayview. Five students who were once wrongfully accused of killing a classmate while in detention.

This season picks up immediately after the events of season 1, when the bunch receives an anonymous text and are blackmailed into playing a “deadly” game of Simon says. Realizing that the drama from the prior school year has only just begun, the five students band together to make it through another year while harboring a vicious secret of theirs, that only one person outside of their secret circle knows…The one who’s blackmailing them.

This season the stakes just get even more out of control as more secrets arise. Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about Simon and Jakes dangerous game in season one, the real truth gets unveiled leading the Murder Club (Cooper, Addy, Janae, Nate and Bronwyn) into a vicious circle of chaos, anxiety, loss and temptation all while trying to keep it together enough to not look suspicious around their classmates, loved ones and even the police.

Stand out characters this season have to go to Annalise Cochran (Addy), Chibuikem Uche (Cooper), Sarah Thompson ( Vanessa) and Melissa Collazo (Maeve). Cochcran showcases such amazing character growth in the once vane and selfish mean girl Addy. Her transformation alone is a pivotal ride in season two. Cooper, played by Urche continues to be the soul of this series, juggling to protect the hearts of so many loved ones along the way. He essentially, is still the one with the most online and he is forced to make some more than risky gestures in the name of Simon’s game or else. Next is Vanessa, played by Sara Thompson who last season was nothing more but a side line antagonist used to push Addy to her limits, but now she’s out for blood in search of the truth surrounding the Murder Club. What she finds out along the way just may have more to do with herself than she expected. Last but not least Melissa Collazo as Maeve has to be my most beloved and love to hate character on the series. She continues to make you question her every move while playing the loyalty card every chance she gets. Is she good? Is she bad? No she’s just Maeve and still the perfect addition as an unofficial member of The Murder Club.

Overall the series never strays aways from its original roots in season one. You will get the same twist and turns and more than likely will not figure anything out until the near end episode. But by then the writers have just about laid everything out for you. Nothing about this series is predictable and the nerve racking cliffhanger of a season ending proves just that!


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