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Oscars 2022 Was Not The First Time Chris Rock Roasted Jada Pinkett-Smith Publicly!

The internet has been in an uproar about last nights debacle between Best Lead Actor Winner Will Smith and Comedian presenter Chris Rock. The two collided when Rock made an unfavorable joke about Smiths Wife Jada in reference to her short hair cut.

Now its been known publicly that Pinkett-Smith has been battling with a health condition known as Alopecia, which causes the loss of hair sporadically, and many do not know if Rock was aware of her condition, but his comedic gesture was not taken lightly by many, Including by Will.

To many fans it appears that Smith maybe overreacted when stepping up to defend his wife and her health condition. What some fans may not know, is that this isn't the first time former OSCAR Host took the main stage to dig at Mrs. Pinkett-Smith publicly.

Below is Chris Rocks opening monologue during the 2016 Academy Awards, where Rock takes a comedic dig at yet another serious topic in which numerous African American Celebrities decided to boycott the Oscars due to lack of diversity in its past ceremonies.

Pay close attention to 2:38 - 3:15. Was this simply the last straw that broke Smith's tough skin? You be the judge CritiX. Let us know your thoughts.


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