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[Review] Peacock's 'Wolf Like Me' Remains A Hilarious, Heartwarming, & Chilling Delight In Season 2

It was a random Sunday afternoon during 2022, when i decided to turn on Season one of Peacock's 'Wolf Like Me'. Not knowing anything about the show except that it starred a timid Josh Gad and a very suspicious Isla Fisher, I figured what the hell, lets give this one a go-round, I have some down time. Boy, what an unexpected treat did this series turn out to be!

Today, we have to talk about the highly anticipated second season of Peacock's "Wolf Like Me." Starring Josh Gad and Isla Fisher, this romantic comedy takes an unlikely spin that will leave you laughing and wanting more. So, let's jump right in and explore what this season has in store for us.

Season two picks up where we left off, with a slight time jump. However, the tone and heart of the show remain intact. We are introduced to a pregnant Mary, which adds a whole new level of craziness to the mix. The relationship between Gary and his daughter continues to be heartwarming and serves as the core of the show. And now, with Mary in the picture, things get even warmer.

One of the highlights of this season is the exploration of Mary's backstory. We uncover more secrets about her character, adding depth and intrigue to the storyline. Without giving too much away, I must mention the hilarious on going reference/connection to popular an 80s horror movie, where Mary's ex-boyfriend is named David, and they had a history in Prague. It's these little details that make "Wolf Like Me" so enjoyable.

The chemistry between Josh Gad and Isla Fisher is undeniable. Gad's portrayal of a reluctant widower dealing with the wildness of Mary's secrets while trying to be a good boyfriend is both hilarious and endearing. The comedic timing and the way they navigate the challenges of their relationship will have you laughing out loud.

As we dive deeper into season two, we are introduced to new characters and get more play from Gary's extended family. They play a significant role in the storyline, adding another layer of complexity to the show. The writers have done an excellent job of keeping the tone consistent while building upon the existing narrative.

Now, you might be wondering if "Wolf Like Me" has the potential for a third season. While it's hard to predict the longevity of any show, I can confidently say that this series has the potential to go at least one more round. The blend of comedy, romance, and the unexpected twist keeps viewers engaged and wanting more. But whats even more intriguing is how so much about Mary is still left unknown. So, fingers crossed for an opportunity to finally delve into the unknown in a season three!

"Wolf Like Me" season two is a must-watch for fans of romantic comedies with a twist. The show maintains its heartwarming tone while delving deeper into the characters' backstories and secrets. Josh Gad and Isla Fisher's chemistry is a delight to watch, and the addition of a very unpredictable pregnant Mary adds a new layer of hilarity to the mix. With the introduction of new characters and the involvement of Gary's family, the show continues to evolve while staying true to its roots.

So mark your calendars for October 19th and get ready to dive into the world of "Wolf Like Me" once again. Whether you're a fan of the first season or new to the show, this season promises to deliver laughter, heart, and plenty of surprises. Don't miss out on this delightful rom-com with a twist.

If you haven't watched the first season of "Wolf Like Me," I highly recommend going in blind. It is available now on Peacock. The trailers give off an ominous vibe, hinting at a secret that will keep you guessing. Is it a serial killer? A stalker? You won't know until you watch the show. So, before we delve into the second season, make sure to check out the trailer and catch up on all the excitement from season one.


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