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[Review] Bob Marley: One Love - More Music Than Biopic In the Best Possible Way!

Directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green (We own this city, King Richard) "Bob Marley: One Love" is nothing short of remarkable. Despite not deeply depicting the earlier years of the reggae icon, whats left of the story told along with Kingsley Ben Adir's transformation into the character is truly captivating. Indulge me as I take you through the empowering experience that is "Bob Marley: One Love".

A Focus on the Music and the Man

"One Love" primarily centers around a specific period in Bob Marley's life, from 1976 to 1978. The film delves into the process of creating music, showcasing moments in the studio and on stage. What sets this biopic apart is its decision to focus on lesser-known songs rather than relying solely on Marley's popular hits. This approach allows the film to highlight the significance of the lyrics, compositions and the storytelling within the context of Marley's life during that time.

The Missing Pieces of Marley's Story

While "One Love" offers valuable insights into Bob Marley's life, it falls short in providing a comprehensive understanding of the man behind the music. The film interweaves present-day events with flashbacks to Marley's youth, but these glimpses into his upbringing leave much to be desired. Viewers are left wanting to know more about how Marley became the optimistic and loving person he was, and how his upbringing influenced his music and worldview. Despite this shortcoming, Kingsley Benadir's performance and the film's focus on Marley's impact on the world through his music make it a worthwhile watch.

In Conclusion

"One Love" is a musical biopic that shines a light on a pivotal period in Bob Marley's life. Kingsley Benadir's portrayal of the reggae legend is exceptional, capturing the essence of Marley's passion for music and his ability to connect with people through his songs. While the film lacks a comprehensive exploration of Marley's upbringing, it successfully conveys his impact on the world and leaves viewers with a deep appreciation for his music and his message of love and unity. If you're a Bob Marley fan or simply curious about the man behind the music, "One Love" is a film worth watching.

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