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[Review] Exorcist: Believer Suffers Under The Shadow Of Its Franchise!

Director David Gordon Green has once again delved into the realm of horror classics with his latest film, "The Exorcist Believer." As a follow-up to his work on the Halloween series, Green's take on this iconic story is sure to spark a range of opinions. Starring Leslie Odom Jr., Olivia O'Neill, and Lydia Jewett, the film introduces us to two talented newcomers who deliver captivating performances. Additionally, Ellen Burstyn, who appeared in the original Exorcist film, makes a return, along with Anne Dowd from "Hereditary."

The Exorcist Believer takes a slow-burn approach, allowing viewers to empathize with the main characters as the story unfolds. The film delves into themes of choice, grief, belief, and redemption, presenting thought-provoking messages that go beyond the surface.

The standout moments of the film come from the performances of Olivia O'Neill and Lydia Jewett, who portray the possessed young girls. Their ability to hold their own in such intense scenes is commendable and adds to the overall creepiness of the film.

However, there are some aspects of the film that may not sit well with fans of the original. Ellen Burstyn's character, for example, feels underused, and her role may disappoint those who were hoping for more from her.

"The Exorcist Believer" tackles the challenge of connecting to the legacy of the original while still standing on its own. By exploring different cultures and beliefs, the film offers a fresh perspective on possession and exorcism. This inclusivity allows for a broader audience to engage with the story, regardless of their personal beliefs.

The decision to tame the exorcism scenes compared to the original may disappoint some viewers who were expecting the same level of vulgarity. However, this choice does not detract from the film's ability to create a dark and unsettling atmosphere.

"The Exorcist Believer" is a solid horror film that successfully captures the essence of the original while introducing new elements. While it may not please everyone, it offers thought-provoking themes and memorable performances. The inclusion of diverse cultures and beliefs or lack there of adds depth to the story, making it more relatable to a wider audience.

In conclusion, "The Exorcist Believer" is a fresher take on a horror classic, But with already numerous exorcism films unrelated to this franchise its no wonder this particular film suffers underneath the shadow of its predecessor. Believer could have just been sold as its own thing. A pretty good horror movie. And if that were the case, it may have not suffered the scrutiny from viewers who simply cannot separate what was then from what is today.

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