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[Review] Good Burger 2: A Nostalgic but Immature Revamp!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I don't think there's been a person more excited to see and talk about this particular film than me. That's right. Good Burger Two is now available streaming on Paramount Plus. For all you Nickelodeon, All That fans, allow me to set the expectation for this tasty sequel.

Good Burger is the sequel to the 1997 film which is based on a skit from a teen sketch comedy, SNL-ish kind of a series which aired on Nickelodeon from 1994 to 2005 called All That. The show and a few of of its skit, specifically 'Good Burger' set in 1990's fast food resteraunt, became so popular, a film was made that starred Kel Mitchell as Ed, the employee who was just all about Good Burger. Fan favorite, as ridiculous as this movie was,was easy to fall in love with as well as its main character Ed [Kel Mitchell]. Who didnt love Keenan and Kel as a duo. Their chemistry was just undeniable at that time. Now, here we are 26 years later from the original movie and 29, almost 30 years later from the original skit itself. Good Burger Two is here, y'all.

Ok, upfont, full disclousure, I was very disappointed with this sequel. Not in a way where I was like, "oh, they just completely missed the mark and it wasn't funny". There are some very nostalgic moments in this thing. Some of the jokes were very on the nose and very reminiscent of what we got in the first film. Kel is fully commited as Ed. He hasn't skipped a beat at all other than how noticibly older he looks. And Keenan, back as Dexter, still manages to bring the same energy back to his role.

I think the problem for me was, it just felt like a bunch of old and grown people trying to be young, goofy kids again. And I understand that they're trying to reach a new audience. Why else do studios want to revamp old properties? They want to be able to touch the next generation. But I feel like it left us OG fans out completely in a way where some of the jokes weren't exactly hitting.

Most of the good moments were watching everything go on through the eyes of Dexter [Kenan Thompson]. He's in a place right now where he just doesn't expect anything less than what Ed's charcter brings to the mix or lack thereof. Those are some of the most hilarious moment. Thompson comes off as the only person who is in on the jokes. The only one in the room that's understands the incompetence that is going on in the film.

For the most part, this film really feels like they're really trying to reach a younger audience and trying to move over to the next generation. So I felt a little left out in that sense. But it was great to see everybody come back and play and put the costumes on and see that set design. The way they built the Good Burger store is a work of art. Everything was very "Nickelodeon", colorful, wacky, and in some scens very messy.

The plot however, is very tight knit to what went on in the original. So you might want to watch the original to get a hold of what's going on in part two. It's fun, but is a lot weaker than its predecessor. Thats not saying much, but in hindsight I think they really just wanted to make this movie pretty badly. And it shows.

So listen, although Good Burger Two has brought back a wave of nostalgia for fans of the original skit and movie. The film does may not live up to the expectations of some adult viewers, but it still offers a fun and senseless experience for younger audiences. The return of Kel Mitchell as Ed and Keenan Thompson as Dexter brings back the beloved characters that fans have grown to love over the years.

The set design and colorful, wacky atmosphere of the Good Burger store stay true to the Nickelodeon aesthetic, creating a visually appealing experience for viewers. The inclusion of numerous cameos, including popular comedians like SNL alumn Pete Davison, and [🤫 shhh], plenty others. REL and Jillian Bell and even Rob Gronkowski add an extra layer of excitement and nostalgia for fans.

So, grab a Good Burger and settle in for a trip down memory lane. Good Burger Two is streaming now on Paramount Plus. Don't miss out on the fun and be sure to like, comment, share, and subscribe.

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