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[REVIEW]: 'The Garfield Movie', A Fun and Punny Animated Adventure For The Family!

The Garfield Movie takes us on a journey into the world of the iconic comic strip character. Directed by Mark Dindle, known for his work on "Chicken Little" and "The Emperor's New Groove," the film introduces us to Garfield's backstory and his encounter with his biological father. While the film is primarily geared towards children, it offers plenty of humor and entertainment for adults as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • Garfield the Movie is a delightful animated film that brings the beloved comic strip character to life.

  • The film is filled with cat puns and dad jokes that will entertain both children and adults.

  • While some may find the new voice of Garfield, Chris Pratt, a little jarring, the film still captures the essence of the lazy and hungry orange cat.

A Punny and Silly Adventure

One of the highlights of Garfield the Movie is its abundance of cat puns and dad jokes. From Garfield flicking through cat videos on the couch to his witty one-liners, the film is filled with charming and silly moments that will make you chuckle. While some may consider these jokes cheesy or corny, they add to the overall charm of the film and create a lighthearted atmosphere that is perfect for family entertainment.

I stress, if you are a fan of the old style cartoon jokes, you're gonna get a lot of that in this. And I'm talking, punny, dad jokes style of humor.

Chris Pratt as Garfield

One aspect of the film that may divide fans is the casting of Chris Pratt as the voice of Garfield. While many are used to the lazy monotone voice of the original Garfield, Pratt brings a liveliness and personality to the character. Initially, it may feel jarring for those familiar with the OG Garfield voice, but as the film progresses, Pratt's portrayal grows on you. His energetic performance adds a new dimension to Garfield's character while still staying true to his core traits.

A Fun Family Film

The Garfield Movie is a delightful and entertaining film for the whole family. While it may not be a cinematic masterpiece, it succeeds in capturing the essence of the beloved comic strip character and delivering a fun-filled adventure. The film's humor appeals to both children and adults, with the adults often finding themselves laughing louder than the kids. It strikes a balance between cheesy jokes and heartwarming moments, creating an enjoyable experience for all.

Overall, The Garfield Movie brings the iconic comic strip character to life in a fun and pun-filled animated adventure. While some may find the only faux pa or faux "paw" is the new voice of Garfield, the film still captures the essence of the lazy and hungry orange cat. With its abundance of supporting cast voices like Samuel L. Jackson, Hannah Waddingham and Nicholas Holt and Ving Rhames, the film offers plenty of laughs for both children and adults. It may not be a groundbreaking film, but it succeeds in delivering an enjoyable and entertaining experience for the whole family.

So, if you're looking for a lighthearted and silly film to watch with your loved ones, Garfield the Movie is definitely worth a watch. Sit back, relax, and let Garfield and Odie take you on a fun-filled adventure

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