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Robert Pattinson to be replace with body double as ‘The Batman’ resumes production in the U.K.

Yesterday it was repor lted that production on Matt Reeves’ The Batman’ has halted due to its main star Robert Pattinson testing positive for Covid19. Well now things after taken a turn for the better with production restarting just less than 24 hours later. How’s that you ask? Well it is said that Pattinson will be replaced with a body double during certain scenes in order to keep the production schedule moving along and while Pattinson self-isolates for 14 days. Full story below:

The Mail’s report claims that director Matt Reeves is trying to finish as much of the shoot as he can without Pattinson, including scenes with the actor’s body double. Variety has reached out to Warner Bros. for comment.

Adrian Wootton, chief executive of the British Film Commission and Film London said in a statement that film productions in the UK are "rigorously following BFC Guidance with robust health and safety procedures:"

“We know that productions in the U.K. are rigorously following BFC Guidance with robust health and safety procedures in place, including stringent testing regimes, which is why any case of coronavirus can be rapidly identified and appropriate self-isolating procedures implemented. We’re confident that with all measures in place, any production will resume filming as soon as it’s safe to do so. We also believe this will not impact production overall continuing in U.K., precisely because we have such robust health and safety measures operating, enabling our world-class film and high-end TV sector to get back up and running.

In a separate statement,  Lyndsay Duthie, CEO of the Production Guild of Great Britain, shared that the behavior of the U.K. cast and crew has "been exemplary" while also revealing that "precautions have been taken" to enable them to start filming again soon: 

“The behavior of U.K. cast and crew have been exemplary. Wanting to return to work, everyone has embraced the comprehensive measures required of them and as a result many productions have been back on set and filming safely for weeks already. Where we have seen productions abroad where a cast or crew member has tested positive, precautions have been taken as required to enable them to start filming again as soon as they had the all clear.”

We wish Robert Pattinson a speedy recovery.


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