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#NYCC23: 'Scott Pilgrim Takes Off': Challenges and Surprises of Getting Original Cast & Why No Direct Sequel!

Updated: May 20

In a world where pop culture trends come and go, it is rare to find a creation that stands the test of time. However, Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim series has defied the odds, captivating fans for almost two decades. During New York Comic Con, In a recent conversation with O'Malley and Show runner Bendavid Grabinski, we delved into the enduring legacy of Scott Pilgrim and the profound impact it has had on both the creator and the fans, and getting the entire band back together as we lead up to the premiere of Netflix's new animated adaptation 'Scott Pilgrim Takes off'!

One of the most remarkable aspects of Scott Pilgrim's legacy is the unwavering love and support from its fans. O'Malley expressed his gratitude, stating,

"The fact that people still care about it... Almost 20 years later, kids are coming up to me, parents and kids. That's like the love from the fans, like what brought it back."

This enduring love is evident in the continued excitement surrounding Scott Pilgrim, particularly at events like Comic Con.

When discussing the creative process behind Scott Pilgrim, O'Malley emphasized his approach of taking it one page at a time. He revealed, "I'm not the kind of guy who's, like, visualizing myself as a huge success... I just kind of do one page at a time, just start drawing stuff up." This humble and organic approach to creation is what allowed Scott Pilgrim to resonate with audiences on such a profound level. O'Malley also touched on the delicate balance between listening to fan feedback and staying true to his artistic vision.

But now, Scott Pilgrim is back! And in rare form. Specifically in the form he originally debut to his fans. O'Malley has teamed up with Show runner Ben David Grabinski to adapt O'Malley's original art design in an animated format for Netlfix titled 'Scott Pilgrim Takes Off' and while keep a tight lid on things, Grabinski spoke with us about assembling the original cast members from the 2010 live-action film, in order to bring the animated series to life.

When it comes to assembling a cast, the stakes are high. The success of a film often hinges on the chemistry and talent of its actors. Grabinski reflects on the seemingly insurmountable challenge of gathering an exceptional ensemble for his project.

"When Edgar puts together one of the best casts of all time, the idea of trying to top that feels impossible, but getting them also feels impossible. I never thought they would all say yes. But everyone said yes. Edgar reached out to all of them, sent them the scripts and told about our take, and they all said yes really quickly, and I'll never get it. It doesn't make any sense."

Grabinski states when asked about what fueled his ambition to gather the cast back together.

Some fans might be wondering, in the realm of sequels, reboots and remakes, why didn't Grabinski and Netflix simply cash in on a direct sequel. Well, possibly because there is a delicate balance to be struck. On one hand, a direct sequel must cater to existing fans, providing them with the continuation of a beloved story. On the other hand, it must also be accessible to newcomers, ensuring that they can fully appreciate and enjoy the film without prior knowledge. Grabinski sheds light on this challenge.

"If you do a direct sequel, it has to work for people who've never seen it before, and then that's not as much fun for me because I think the idea was that we did a direct sequel. You'd also have to make it so that it makes perfect sense if you've never seen any version of it, and then I think that version wouldn't be as much fun."

Grabinski adds, "We were just trying to tell a new way to tell that story that had the same kind of exciting elements as if we had done a sequel, but still kind of going back to the core story as Scott and Ramona falling in love."

The successful assembly of an all-star cast and the decision to pursue a new way of telling a familiar story have far-reaching implications for the film industry. Grabinski's achievement in securing the participation of renowned actors not only adds credibility to his project but also sets a precedent for future filmmakers. It demonstrates that with a compelling script and a clear vision, the seemingly impossible can become a reality.

With O'Malley and Grabinski, it is clear that the enduring legacy of Scott Pilgrim is a testament to the power of storytelling and the connection between creator, character and fan. O'Malley's ability to create relatable characters and timeless themes has resonated with audiences for almost two decades.

The journey of bringing a comic book to life is a complex and arduous one, but it is also a testament to the power of collaboration and the magic of cinema. As we eagerly await the release of the latest adventure of Scott, Ramona and The band Sex Bomb-omb, we can only imagine the wonders that await us on the small screen. Lights, camera, action - the show must go on!

'Scott pilgrim Takes off' streams on Netflix November 17th!


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