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Sean Penn Has Been In Ukraine Filming Documentary For Vice!

Since earlier this week, Sean Penn has been in Ukraine filming a documentary about the conflict with Russia, which escalated overnight Wednesday when Russia began a full-scale invasion.

Penn, who is shooting the doc for Vice, met with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky this week. According to the Daily Mail, Penn also attended a government press briefing today as the country rallied itself against the attack.

Zelensky previously posted a video on Instagram of the two together. Zelensky wrote in a caption: “The more people know about the war in the Ukraine, the higher the likelihood of stopping Russia!”

The Daily Mail said Penn flew to the capital city of Kyiv earlier this week. He previously traveled to Ukraine in November, where he met with military forces near the front lines with Russia-backed separatists in Donetsk, one of the two regions Russian president Vladimir Putin recognized as independent last week, saying he was sending in a peacekeeping force to protect them.

The documentary is a Vice Studios production in association with Vice World News and Endeavor Content.

Russia launched a full-scale attack on the northern, eastern and southern borders of Ukraine, and have taken over the main airport in Kyiv after launching missile strikes.

Source: Deadline


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