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Seth McFarlane and Paramount Studios Want Liam Neeson to Star in 'The Naked Gun' Reboot!

Liam Neeson over the years has proven he can be one tough and scary S.O.B., but now word is out that he wants to take on a action-comedy franchise next. The word is that Seth MacFarlane has approach Neeson about doing a new reboot of The Naked Gun.

The comedy series that began as the short lived TV series 'Police Squad' which came from the wacky minds of The Zucker Brothers, David and Jerry (Airplane, Top Secret), that then spawned three movies followed detective Frank Drebin (Leslie Nelson) who doesn't really know what he's doing in the best possible way.

MacFarlane, best known for his animated sitcoms such as Family Guy, American Dad! and feature films TED and TED 2, has also proven himself time and time again as someone who has an understanding of comedy spoofs with projects like, A Million Ways To Die. & 'Orville' both which poke fun at the western and Star Trek-ish sci-fi genre. So something like The Naked Gun is a perfect venture for him to undertake.

Neeson, jokingly, had this to say to People (the TV Show!)

"I've been approached by Seth McFarlane and Paramount Studios to maybe resurrect the Naked Gun films, It'll either finish my career or bring it in another direction. I honestly don't know."

The series revolutionized comedy spoof films in the 90's becoming the predecessor for films like Hot Shots, Hot Shots Part Dux and even the Scary Movie franchise. Originally starring Leslie Nielsen as Frank Drebin, Nielsen just as Neeson came from a more dramatic background which made Nielsen's charm and comedic timing part of the magic.

We hope both MacFarlane and Neeson can somehow recreate even a little bit of that comedic charm together. Most importantly, agree on making this magic come together as a real project.

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