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Film: Shazam

Starring: Zachary Levi, Mark Strong, Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer

Director: David F. Sandberg

Review: Klep Napier

Rating: 4X’s out of 5X’s

DC proves that Newer doesn’t always mean better! What we mean by that is, for decades now most of us have known that the original “Captain Marvel” was once owned by DC comics until Marvel comics came in and swooped the name and the rights! Since then SHAZAM has been the title of the hero when 15 year old Billy Batson hollers thy name! Now that you’re all caught up on some comic book history let’s talk movies, shall we? Shazam follows young Billy Batson, a orphan after he wonders and gets lost from his mother at a young age. Batson now fifteen isn’t too keen on making nice with his new foster family. Until one day he performs a heroic act which puts him in the running with a mystical wizard as one whom shall be worthy to carry on special powers. Well with great power comes a great responsibility, most fifteen year olds are too immature to take on. Billy struggles with using his powers for the good of mankind, and selfish adolescent behaviors all while avoiding new connections with those who support and just want to love him. I hope we’ve painted the picture for you. Shazam is all heart from beginning to end. Period. With so many dark stories surrounding superheroes geared towards adults in their mid 30’s to 40’s, it’s awesome to finally see something that’s giving back to it’s original fanboys and girls, THE KIDS! The story leans on family support and what it means to think you’re strong because it’s easy to push others away. It also uplifts those who may feel alone when family isn’t always in your corner. So let’s talk about wins. We cannot forget about the man of the hour #ZacharyLevi who’s best Tom Hanks ‘BIG’ redition steals the show! You hardly forget that #AsherAngel and Zachary aren’t the same person. Levi’s performance allows you to get lost enough to enjoy your inner child alongside him. He is loads of fun. #JackDylanGrazer, who you may recognize from ‘IT’, sidekicks better than say a ‘Robin’, or “A guy in a chair”. He’s the Alfred to Shazams Batman. The kind of fanboy you would want as your “superhero” coach in your corner, should you ever fall into new and special abilities. Now for the big baddie and possibly the only loss we could pin on this film. Mark Strong was born to be the villian. We’ve been fans since Kick-Ass, but he’s not a stand out villian, he’s just perfect for the role. As if you needed a guy who could take something that looked boring on paper, act it out, bringing it to new heights! That sirs and ladies is Mark Strong. He delivers as needed. Overall this film will be a hard hitting punch to Marvel Studios for sure. With loads of DC Easter eggs to shock the fans and family fun to pull in the masses, Shazam “The Original Captain Marvel” is DC’s new champion!

Two post credit scenes so take your time after the credits.


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