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Updated: May 7, 2019

Film: Someone Great

Starring: Gina Rodriguez, Lakeith Stanfield, Brittany Snow, DeWanda Wise

Director: Jennifer Kaytin Robinson

Review: Dion Hall

Rating: 4X out of 5X’s

When you grow as a person, does your partner grow with you? This is one of the biggest questions facing couples today. How do you properly balance your goals and aspirations along with building a life with your partner? Some people have it figured out, others not so much. These are some of the issues addressed in the new Netflix romantic comedy Someone Great. Early in the film we are introduced to the main character Jenny Young, a 30 year old successful music writer in a seemingly happy and healthy relationship. We quickly discover that Jenny has the professional opportunity of a life time, to become a writer for Rolling Stone. There is just one catch, Jenny has to relocate from New York to California for the gig. This is the beginning of the end for her relationship and the beginning of her up and down days following her breakup. Helping Jenny to navigate her troubled times are her best friends Blair and Erin. Blair is slightly uptight and Erin is a slightly messy free spirit and they both create for a great dynamic in the film and have their own character development that should resonate with viewers. The girls quickly come up with the conclusion that the best medicine for a break up is one last epic girls night out to help their friend get over her break up. The night also serves as a last hurrah before Jenny leaves her friends since college to take the job at Rolling Stone.

What follows is a bunch of hilarious moments from each one of the characters. Someone Great is a really good film to start the film has a ton of diversity and representation. There are characters from different races and sexual orientations giving New York a proper depiction. The humor and references are 100% percent relevant and spot on for our current times. We also get insight to genuine friendship between women and what goes on during a girls night. This film will really resonate with people in the late 20s due to the characters being in that transition phase where you go from a partying care free life to an adult life that’s more settled. The film will absolutely connect with viewers who have ended a long term relationship and are faced with a new reality that they must navigate. Someone Great is a genuine film, a romantic comedy that is hilarious and relevant to our times. We at Critix give Someone Great 4X’s out of 5X’s.


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