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Sonic The Hedgehog [Review]

Updated: May 26, 2020

Film: Sonic The Hedgehog Starring: Ben Schwartz, James Marsden, Jim Carrey, Tika Sumpter, Neil Mcdonough. Written by: Pat Casey & Josh Miller Cinematographer: Stephen F. Windon Composer: Tom Holkenborg Production: SEGA Distributed by: Paramount Pictures Director: Jeff Fowler Review: Klep Napier Rating: 3 Xs out of 5Xs

Popular SEGA video game ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ has become a staple in gaming pop culture for decades. Earning numerous variations of the game on several gaming systems and even it’s very own cartoon. Now, it’s fandom has proven that Sonic himself, is ready for the big screen. That’s right folks after being chased out of his dimention, Sonic voiced by (Ben Shcwartz) uses his shiny magical teleporting rings to travel and hide on earth. There, his electro magnetic speed is uncontainable and on one lonely night Sonic using his powers alerting the government of his existence and whereabouts. Along the way Sonic seeks protection from a small town sheriff (James Marsden) in the hopes that he can save him from the grasps of the evil genius Dr. Robotnik, played by none other than Jim Carrey. The wins of this film are simple folks. Sonic embodies all of the nostalgia of the original game that older fans will enjoy and love. We get a full on origin story of our hero from the first time he “Sonic booms” to the unveiling of those nifty bright red sneakers! It’s a thrill right with young hearts in mind. New generations who are familiar with the current games can also enjoy it's child like humor and light hearted action. It’s clearly like watching a live action version without being able to use a controller to navigate your way through it. Minor losses to us would be that outside of Schwartz voice portrayal of the little blue creature [Which I totally feel Jaleel White could’ve and should’ve returned being he was the original cartoon voice] the other stand out was of course the evil Robotnik played by Mr Rubber face himself Jim Carrey. Carrey not only steals every scene but we also get a bit of a origin story of the big baddie of the film. Carrey is off the charts with his vintage physical comedic talents which is similar to J.P. from “Grandmas Boy” but is simply the perfect addition that brings this thing to life. Overall ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ is a fun family action film you didn’t know you and the family need to set of your 2020 the right way! Also, stick around for the mid credit scene. It’s quite a treat for real sonic fans should this thing continue as a franchise!


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