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Sony announces ‘The Boondocks’ will reboot with original creator Aaron McGruder and new look!

According to a report in Variety. A "reimagined" version of the cartoon series The Boondocks is coming to television, and creator Aaron McGruder is on board!

The Boondocks debuted in 2005 and ran for four seasons on Adult Swim, though its heavily criticized final season was made without McGruder. The new version of the show, announced by Sony Pictures Animation at Annecy, will follow Huey, Riley, and Grandpa Freeman as they lock horns with Uncle Ruckus, the African-American white supremacist who has seized control of local government in the Freemans' home of Woodcrest County Maryland.

At least one member of the show's original cast is on board. As Complex points out, John Witherspoon (who voiced Grandpa) confirmed that he would be back during an appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience in June. The status of Regina King, who has since won an Academy Award since voicing Huey and Riley, is unknown.

Along with news of the series return, we were given a sneak peek of Huey’s new look. the preview reveals that the older Freeman brother has been given a more modern design inline with his personality. Huey’s new look sees the return of his signature afro and a fresh outfit comprised of a dual-tone windbreaker, camo pants and tactical military boots. The preview also offers a teaser of the anime-leaning aesthetic style set to be the new look of the reboot.

Huey’s new look Courtesy of @boondocksbootleg

No further info hasn’t been released but we will keep all you CritiX up to speed on the latest!

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