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“‘Spider-verse’ TV Series is in the works” Says Executive Producer Chris Miller!

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse executive producer Chris Miller can’t talk yet about the upcoming suite of TV series based on the Marvel characters that Sony controls, but he’s got a plan of how it is all going to work.

“We are developing a handful of live-action shows using Sony’s Marvel characters, of which there are like 900 characters,” the Bless the Harts EP told Deadline on Wednesday at TCA about the top secret project(s). “We’re figuring out a way to develop the shows so that each are their own unique experience but are also related.”

While Miller wouldn’t confirm the stories were going to be drawn from the Spider-Man canon, he made it clear that element of the big overall deal with Sony Pictures TV he and Phil Lord have is a hot ticket in town.

“We’ve been talking to a lot of potential teammates for trying to do something not like anything else that’s been done on television,” Miller teased as he weaved away from being pinned down on Netflixor anyone else. “It’ll be a little while before it all comes together and is on the air, but I think it is going to be something really special,” he added with a literal wink.

“Hopefully we’ll know in the next few months where it’ll be and what the schedule will be,” was all Miller would say when asked whether the eventual destination for the multi-pronged projects could be Netflix.

The estimated nine-figure deal Miller and Lord inked in April with SPT lets the Oscar-winning pair develop their own projects for network, cable and streaming platforms. Playing to another one of The LEGO Movie directors’ strength, the agreement also allows Miller and Lord to develop and supervise other writers’ projects, which has a certain web-slinging je ne sais quoi.


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