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Updated: Mar 3

Film: Superfly Starring: Trevor Jackson, Lex Scott Davis, Jason Mitchell, Michael Kenneth Williams, Kaalan Walker, Jen Morrison, Andrea Londo Director: Director X Review: Klep Napier Rating: 3.5X's out 5X's When it comes to remakes I'm often checked out before I even watch the first trailer. I mean originality in Hollywood hasn't been a thing for a very long time, but every now and then we come across an old concept that deserves a fresh take and do right so to speak. 

Those weren’t my feelings for #SuperFly. But let's not get it twisted, it delivers the way you hope a remake would. Originally a 1972 blaxploitation sensation starring #RonOneal as the drug kingpin known as #Priest, the classic is now reborn through young actor #TrevorJackson (#Grownish). Don't get me wrong, where stale acting takes the forefront, the story and stakes make up it up to you along with a strong lead, booming soundtrack, a few hip-hop cameos and high budgeted action sequences! Produced by rap superstar @Future, Superfly follows the last ride of drug hustler Priest, who's had enough of the game and organizes one last score with longtime partner Eddie, played by #JasonMitchell, (#Straightoutofcompton) so that he may bow out in peace lavishly.

But all plans become complicated when "the connect", the police, and a rival gang step in his way. The film doesn't just mimic its predecessor. It's careful with its build-up and relevant without trying too hard to relate to today's times. Original characters such as #Scatter, #fatfreddie, #Georgia, and #Cynthia have all been casted in this film but not everyone's fate is the same as the 1972 version. New character Juju, played by #Kaalanwalker, will keep you on toes throughout so expect plenty surprises in comparison with the original. Hip-hop video director, Director X, brought charisma to a classic for today's generation to enjoy. With little glorification of the street life and much focus on personal growth, the realism behind the paths we choose and even a bit of social justice. This version of superfly has earned a solid 3.5x from us at CritiX. If a fast pace hip-hop driven street drama is your taste, I recommend you go for it! 

For a peek at the Superfly trailer click the link! Superfly trailer

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