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Tax Collector [Review]

Starring: Bobby Soto, Shia LaBeouf, Cinthya Carmona, George Lopez, Jose Conejo Martin

Director: David Ayer

Streaming: video on demand

Review: Klep Napier

Rating: 2.5X’s out of 5X’s

A lot of folks seem to have mixed feelings about this one. Let us explain why. Some may argue that the trailer bates you into believing that Shia has returned to the forefront and with a vengeance.

Well if that’s part of your take, then we have some enlightening news for you. 1, Shia has always been back and doing what he does best and 2, sometimes you have to ignore marketing and take the story at hand for what it develops into.

This one is called The Tax Collector folks and not the Shia LaBeouf show. Although LeBeouf steals a lot of scenes this crime drama follows David [Bobby Soto] a family man caught up in the family business as one of the big bosses number one money collectors. Along with his ace and partner “Creeper” [Shia LeBeouf] the two are put to the test when a new crime boss decides to step in on their watch.

Ok let’s get right to it. Tax Collector wins due to its fearless leader and Director David Ayer [Suicide Squad’s, End Of Watch]. Ayer gives you the similar styled street drama as some of his previous work and still manages to give you something fresh. In this case the stakes are very high and the story’s foundation is power, loyalty and family. The action is brutally real and dare we say bad ass. You’ll get lost in the performance of Jose Conejo Martin who plays Conejo the big baddie of the film. He’s not only terrifying but half way through he raises the stakes so high you have no choice but to get stuck on the edge of your seats.

The downfall of course is this film is extremely predictable and formulaic. With Ayer as a director, the trailers gritty street dramatic backdrop paints the same picture we’ve seen in Ayers’ previous works. So no question Ayer has mastered his craft, but for those familiar, the twist and turns won’t be too shocking.

Overall Tax Collector brings what it promises without giving away its ending. A surprise ending that many did not expect even half way through. Tax Collector is no blockbuster, but somehow perfect for the low key movie night.


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