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“The Best Night Of My Life” Willem Dafoe Tells Katy Perry & Chris Redd In His Promo To Host SNL!

The massive success of Spider-Man: No Way Home has shed the lime light back on the original 2002 Sam Rami cast in the best way possible lately. Yesterday SNL released a promo which shows a more than ready Willam Defoe for this Saturday Night 1/29!

Dafoe is this week’s host of Saturday Night Live! Joining him in this weeks SNL promo video was musical guest Katy Perry and cast member Chris Redd. Dafoe, hilariously cannot seem to hold back his enthusiasm and is so amped that he doesn’t care if he’s doing a sketch or a promo piece.

Later, after alluding to a possible past hookup between Perry and Redd, Dafoe claims he’s had a premonition that his SNL hosting duties will be “the best night of my life.” He even has the cool sunglasses to prove it.


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