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The Ghost Brothers Investigate Wondercon And To Talk About Their Newest Series Coming To Discovery+!

Some of you may be asking yourselves, who are The Ghost Brothers? Well Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass and Marcus Harvey are Discovery+'s newest addition to their new streaming platform, but these Paranormal Investigators aren't new into the field.

Dalen, Juwan and Marcus Harvey, have spent the last six years as a team chasing ghosts down together on Destination America and TLC. The three have had numerous televised encounters starting with Ghost brothers and then Ghost Brothers: Haunted Guest which saw them hilariously visiting homes of families who have suspicion that maybe their homes are spooked with spirits. They then spawned a spin-off with Jack Osborne, in an even wilder series titled Fright Club, where the four watch haunting footage to see which is the most spookiest video of them all. Now, after 3 successful shows, they're back! And this time they say "this one takes them back to their roots" of paranormal investigation, except this time they are a-lot more seasoned for the job.

These first and only black paranormal crusaders seeking the truth in the spiritual realm, gave fans an exclusive first look at their new discovery+ series Ghost Brothers: Lights Out at Wondercon 2021. Not only were the CritiX in attendance via the virtual event, but we also had the opportunity to speak with the guys about their latest series Ghost Brothers: Lights Out, set to stream on Discovery+ April 17th.

Hear what they had to say to us about the past and future of their journey as the first black paranormal investigators to ever do it!


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