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The Protege [Review]

Film: The Protege

Starring: Maggie Q, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton

Director: Martin Campbell

Review: Klep Napier

Rating: 2.5X’s out of 5X

Director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale, The Foreigner) puts his stamp on what could have easily been a complete disaster of a film, but instead wins you over with not only its fast pace action. It’s cast also helps to seal the deal from the moment you see the trailer. But we’ll get back to the trailer.

For now we’re talking about The Protege starring Maggie Q (Divergent, Nikita). This femme fatale tale isn’t anything special at first sight, considering Q is channeling her role from the Nikita series throughout for the most part, but it’s supporting players like Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Keaton, lend some credibility to the whole thing. But that’s not to take away from Ms. Q at all. She lends great physical stunts and dramatic tone that is a step up from her television persona.

The Protege follows a woman training to be an assassin, who after her mentor is murdered, goes on a revenge hunt to put a violent end to whomever was responsible.

As simple as the plot sounds, what worked about this film is the not so cut and dry revenge plot storyline. No, Instead it mixes up some who dun it so you’re able to follow the heroes on their journey and not just get handed a ton of shoot em up bang, bang until the credits role. Also, Michael Keaton lends a helping hand to the meat of the story, adding charm and wit with a villainous twist. There is a lot of competitive action and banter between the two. Q and Keaton scenes steal the show!

Now, this film is far from perfect. So as entertaining as it sounds, we have to point out some flaws that may or may not help your experience while watching. Firstly, the trailer just gives away too much. So if you can avoid it before going in, please do so. There were a few surprises we already knew were coming. All we did was patiently wait for the twist. And again, this movie is not fresh at all. Not only have we seen this before, but we’ve seen Maggie Q doing it. It’s only twists are Keaton and Jackson in the mix who are both perfect additions. And we cannot forget a lot of bad guy cliches as well like, “Do you know who I am” must roll off at least 2 or 3 tongues in this movie from two totally non related bad guys. This film works for adrenaline junkies and revenge plot fans of the John Wick assortment. Outside of that it offers up nothing more.

Now surprisingly, with a third act as solid as it was, we think the ended could’ve been left with less revealed, but endings are all subjective. Overall by the end I found this film to be very entertaining thanks to Michael Keaton, Maggie Q and well Samuel was Samuel and there’s absolutely no way to mess that up.


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