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Introducing CW's Canadian Hit Series 'Son of a Critch' and the Power of Its Authentic Storytelling!

What makes a TV show successful? Is it the star-studded cast, the clever writing, or the relatable characters? While all of these elements play a role, there's something even more important that can make or break a show: authenticity. And that's exactly what "Son of a Critch," the new CW series, brings to the table.

In a recent interview with Andrew Barnsley, the executive producer of "Son of a Critch," we got a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world of the show and the reasons behind its success. Barnsley, who is also known for his work on the award-winning show "Schitt's Creek," shared his thoughts on the show's unique title, the compelling story of Mark Critch, and the power of specificity in storytelling.

"He, [Mark Critch], happened to have a last name that rhymes with a word. And so he felt that 'Son of a Critch' was the appropriate title. And when we came on board as producers and as a production company, it's like, let's go for it. And we knew that was sort of in the proximity to 'Schitt's Creek', it was kind of funny that those two were aligned in that way. But what's interesting is we never got any pushback on the name".

Says Barnsley

The Compelling Story of Mark Critch

Mark Critch's story is at the heart of "Son of a Critch." Growing up in Newfoundland in the mid-80s, Mark experienced a unique childhood that is both specific and universal. Barnsley shares, "The show takes place in this remote island in the North Atlantic and is set in the mid-80s. So it's like specificity on top of specificity. But what's fascinating is that the more specific you get, the more the universal themes come out", Barnsley explains. The show explores Mark's experiences as a child, his relationships with his family, and the challenges he faced growing up. Barnsley continues, "It's a story of three generations living in the same house, and this was Mark's life. So you're speaking to three generations as well. It's become so relatable."

Check out our exclusive interview with Executive Producer, Andrew Barnsley below:

"Son of a Critch" demonstrates the power of specificity in storytelling. By focusing on the unique experiences of Mark Critch and the setting of Newfoundland in the 80s, the show taps into universal themes that resonate with audiences. The specificity of the show's setting and time period allows viewers to connect with the characters and their experiences on a deeper level.

As for the future, the series continues to gain traction and connect with audiences, the future looks bright for the show. The series has just finished airing season 2 with a renewal for a 3rd season in Canada on CBC. Hopefully The US will be lucky enough to continue watching Marks hilarious tales unfold after season 1 airs here. Either way, Barnsley expresses his gratitude for the positive reception and the opportunity to share Mark Critch's story with a broader audience. He concludes, "It's so nice to see that our hard work is reaching a broader audience. We're excited to see where the show goes from here."

"Son of a Critch" is a testament to the power of authenticity in storytelling. By focusing on the specific experiences of Mark Critch and the unique setting of Newfoundland in the 80s, the show taps into universal themes that resonate with audiences. The hilarious anecdotes and talented cast further enhance the authenticity of the show. As "Son of a Critch" continues to captivate viewers, it's clear that the power of authentic storytelling knows no boundaries.

You can catch "Son Of Critch" Every Monday night 8pm on The CW.


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