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The 'Wicked' Film Adaptation Moves Released Date From Christmas 2024 To Thanksgiving Of 2024!

Last year it was announced that Universal Pictures would be moving forward with a film adaptation of the popular Broadway Musical 'Wicked'. Based on the origin story of the witches of Oz, Wicked's popularity rang in and out of theaters all over the globe.

The film, which will star Cynthia Ervio and Ariana Grande as the two leads, was originally set to release as a two part story beginning December 25th 2024, and continued one year later on December 25th of 2025. Now according to the official Wicked Instagram and Star Ervio, The film has moved their released date of the first part to Thanksgiving, November 27th, 2024.

Thats right, one month earlier than its original release, you can watch the witches of Oz "Defy Gravity" once again only in movie theaters!

Heres what Ervio had to say.

We are deep into production on WICKED and everyday we get more and more excited to share the mischief we've been up to. So...we've decided to get it to you all a little earlier than planned. OUR NEW RELEASE DATE is November 24, 2024! A little Thanksgiving treat. See you then!!

You can see the excitement in a shot of Ervio's Instagram story post below.

Part 2 still appears to remain slated to release on its original December 25th, 2025 date and although Wicked is a little more than a year away the excitement around the project remains at an all time high! How excited are you for the film adaptation of Wicked?

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