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Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire & Andrew Garfield Reunite To Talk ‘No Way Home Home'! [Interview Inside]

Yesterday, in a historical post release interview, Spider-Man Actors Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield and Tobey McGuire gathered to finally break silence on the process and excruciating secrecy that had to be kept while working on the $1.5 Billion Global sensation Spider-Man: No Way Home!

The three sat with Deadlines Pete Hammond, and held nothing back as they opened up about the process from vague meetings with Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal to the overall massive response from the fans during the release of No Way Home. And more importantly what returning to their respective and iconic roles felt like while watching the film for the first time.

Garfield answers to fans about his ruse while on tour promoting his Netflix film "Tick, Tick Boom" and constantly being put on the spot about his rumored involvement.

“I justified my unethical lying behavior,”

Garfield said. Then continued so beautifully...

“I call it fibbing more than lying, but I kind of enjoyed it. It was quite fun, and it felt like that game Werewolf or Mafia where, you know, you’re the werewolf and you have to convince everyone that you’re not. So I kind of turned it into a little bit of a game for myself … even though there were all these leaks and all this stuff happening, I think there was enough doubt in everyone’s mind going, ‘Oh, god, what if it isn’t? What if they don’t show up?’ And then, so when we did, it kind of gave them that little extra little bit of icing on top. I watched the movie with Tobey for the first time, and I was in pieces. Like, this is a deep movie. This is a movie that is about a coming of age, an acceptance of loss, acceptance of death, taking responsibility for your gifts. I was torn open by the journey that Tom went on; it’s classic Peter Parker, but it felt totally fresh and totally reimagined. It is like, Tom’s origin story was happening in his third movie rather than his first. There’s something so profound. So the film, I feel, stands alone without me and Tobey showing up. I hope we enhance it, but I think [director] Jon Watts and Tom have made this something, actually, that is exceptionally moving, especially for young people, you know? I think it’s a beautiful film.”

Garfield hit the nail on the head with his take on the third installment of Hollands Spidey arc. You can watch the entire interview below as all three of your favorite Spider-Men shoot the breeze in this epic 30 min zoom roundtable. Enjoy!

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