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Series: Twilight Zone Ep. 1

Starring: Kumail Nanijani, Tracey Morgan, Amara Karan

Director: Owen Harris

Review: Klepcx

Rating: 4X out of 5Xs

Since the 1960s The Twilight Zone has always kept us on the edge of our seats with short and suspenseful stories that only our wildest imaginations could render understanding. Now with the narrative of Academy Award Winner and new undisputed master of horror and suspense, #JordanPeele, the series has returned and has returned with the same twisted and anthological style we’ve all have grown to love.

Episode one: The Comedian, follows actor Kumail Nanijani as he struggles to find his funny voice as a starving comedian. But when he is offered the notes and encouragement he needs from a suspicious yet popular peer played by Tracey Morgan, he starts to realize he may have asked for more than he bargained for in exchange for the success he’s always craved.

Ok guys and girls The Twilight Zone is back! And this is the perfect time for original stories that not only make us think, but entertain us without any explanation of who what when or why! They simply just help us to escape. Episode one does exactly that off rip. Diving right into the main plot even before Peele delivers his creepy narrative and signature theme song, you’re on board from the very start. They got this one right and we cannot wait to check out the rest of the season. Those are the wins! Now as for the losses, well that would simply be that in order to watch this new and improved assortment of horror and suspense, it comes attached exclusively to yet another streaming service. “CBS Access”. The fee you ask? A mere $4.99 per month with limited commercials and $9.99 without. Not too bad if you’re not already getting sucked dry through the more popular streaming service who shall remain nameless. You will also have to tune in weekly. Sorry folks, although the first two episodes are available for streaming now, you will have to tune in weekly to catch the entire 10 episode season week to week. But overall Twilight Zone may just be worth the price of admission for you if fresh new television with A list celebrities is what you’re looking for. With directors from ‘The Purge’, ‘Black Mirror’ and ‘Castle Rock’ we highly recommend that you at least invest $4.99 for 30 days to get a feel!

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