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Film: Unsane Starring: Claire Foy, Jay pharoah, Joshua Leonard, Juno Temple, Amiee Mullins Director: Steven Soderbergh Review: Klep Napier Rating: 3X's out of 5X's Director Steven Soderbergh breaks barriers with this masterpiece of a psychological thriller. Not only does its story and cast give this film bragging rights, but also the directors take on production for this film was entirely revolutionary because it was shot on an IPhone 7+ in 4k, which is impressive, to say the least. Unsane is proof that as long as you stick to an awesome story with convincing characters, then all things are possible. Unsane follows Sawyer Valentini, played by Claire Foy, who is an office worker who's haunted by her past after being stalked by an estranged fellow determined to become her lifelong lover.

She can't seem to deal with what she's been through and attempts to see a doctor about her issues. The craziness arises when Sawyer is too open about her issues and lands herself in a 24-hour lockdown at a psychiatric facility to avoid self-harm. While in this facility, she is forced to face her darkest fears when it appears that her stalker has landed a job on the night shift at the same facility she's locked in. Or did he? Whoever it is, it will appear to be real enough for Sawyer and even for you as an audience member! The suspense in this one is hair-raising. Supporting cast members like comedian #JayPharoah and #junetemple keep you engaged and well aware of her surroundings. One flaw that stands out, for the most part, would have to be the patchiness in the editing of the film which confuses you a bit as to what's going on between what's real and what could just be all in our heroines head. We aren't given a lot of background on our antagonist so it feels like her possible stalker just pops out of nowhere. The tone of this film, however, is pitch perfect with eeriness and gets much darker as the movie goes on and will keep you on the edge of your seat for most of its running time. We highly recommend this film for the suspense horror types and anyone who appreciates the art of filmmaking in a new and imaginative way. Phone film making may be the future.


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