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Film: Venom

Starring: Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams 

Director: Ruben Fleischer

Review: Klep Napier

Rating: 2.5X's out of 5X's

Just for 1 hour and 52min forget what you think you know, erase what your heart badly wants and for the sake of comic book films just go along for the ride. If so, you will find Venom to be not only entertaining but also a stand alone movie that works no matter how badly you do not want to enjoy it. Based on the popular villain from the amazing Spiderman comic book, Venom stars #Tomhardy as Eddie Brock: a hotshot journalist fishing out controversy around anyone he can expose for the next big story. Things turn for the weird once digging around exposes Eddie to an alien like symbiote which uses Eddie as a host granting him certain abilities and a violent hunger for living beings. The wins for this film are simple: It’s action packed, easily entertaining because of how silly it tends to be, Tom Hardy gives an awesome performance with himself and Venom looks great on the screen. Beyond that, all we can say is we tried to our best to vouch for what could of been one epic anti hero story. Now where it loses and loses hard are a series of plot holes during the 2nd and 3rd act that make the film seem a bit rushed just to get to the point. Hardy gives a great performance but it's the journey in which they take our "anti hero" that's a bit contradictory. Dont take the film’s tag line: "The world has enough superheroes" too seriously and you'll be ok. What we've taken away from Venom, is that it is possible to take something we're familiar with and turn it into something we never expected. That being said, at the same time it makes it satisfying enough to want more. Did you catch that? Venom may not be the movie we wanted but it definitely works as a film we can accept especially once you get to the post credit scenes. One that happens to be special at the end. Sony has been taking MARVELous notes on how to get butts in seats. We cannot hate them for trying. See Venom if you just down right love this superhero stuff but you'll want to bring an open mind.

*Two post credit scenes* so stick around


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