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Werewolf Game: New Social Media Themed Horror Starring Horror Icon Tony Todd!

When it comes to horror films, sometimes all you need to is the right players involved in order to bring the right amount of terror to the screen. In this case, its one name with one voice which speak for themselves.

Tony Todd (Candy Man) will lead in Werewolf Game, a new social media horror, Written by Jackie Payne and based on the party game of social deduction invented by Dimitry Davidoff in 1986. In the film, twelve strangers are kidnapped by a social media company and forced to play a game where they vote on who amongst them to murder.

“My roots as an actor are grounded in theater, which is why my iconic character in Werewolf Game strongly appeals to me, much like Immortal (2020), my first collaboration with Margolies."

Todd commented .

The film was discovered by Different Duck Films founder Rob Margolies (Bobcat Moretti), who will also produce along with Gretel Snyder. The screenplay was awarded a production deal by Margolies, which was the top prize of his annual First Frame International Film Festival.

Other alongside Todd include, Lydia Hearst (Z Nation), Bai Ling (Red Corner), Teala Dunn (Are We There Yet?), and Robert Picardo (Star Trek: Voyager). Jackie Payne will service as a Director along with Cara Brennan.

Directors Payne and Brennan aim to introduce a new villain for horror icon Tony Todd by drawing from the raw intensity of anime and the chilling atmosphere of retro horror. This genre-bending thriller is crafted to be PG-13 to enrapture teen and adult audiences alike.

Filming begins in Los Angeles this Spring.

Source: Deadline


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