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Will Smith Finally Speaks Up About Altercation With Chris Rock During The Oscars Via Youtube!

"Its been a minute..." Those are the words of Will Smith as he takes the time to address the fans about his actions during the Academy Awards earlier this year.

Since Smiths actions, the Academy award winner has been off the grid, making zero statements or appearances. Now, he takes the time to not only speak up, he apologizes to fans , family and takes full responsibly for his actions away from anyone but himself.

Check it out below:

Can Will Smith be forgiven?

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When are people going to stop crucifying Will? Everyone makes mistakes, but everyone is not in the limelight; worse things happen out there in this world, but never seen. This does not mean it justifies what happened on that stage; not at all. But let God be the God the God of love has already forgiven him, but we people are still judging. I am sure Will is a good man....who made a terrible mistake, that negatively influences his career. Is no one going to stand by him? How many times must he say sorry; actually What must he do for people to forgive him? Kill himself? I will always admire him and like him and I am not…

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