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Zac Efron to star as one of the ‘Three Men & A Baby’ in the upcoming Disney+ reboot!

Zac Efron has been pegged to star in the Disney+ remake of Three Men and a Baby,according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The article states that it “is not clear how the material will be updated,” but it will certainly need updating. The 1987 remake of a French farce was the first Disney live-action film to gross over $100 million, and was predicated on the wacky concept of men doing child-rearing. Three Mr. Mom’s in one!

But who should play the other two men & baby? This might have been a better opportunity for Efron and his former film roommies, Miles Teller and Michael B Jordan from “That Awkward Moment”. Whoever they will be, we hope it keeps the same essence as it’s original with a hint of freshness.

Let us know who you think should co-star with Efron.

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