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20 Years later, The American Pie cast recall behind the scene crushes!

It was a film meant for straight to DVD at the time. But when test audience reactions granted it a theatrical release it made an unexpected impression at box offices!

Unlike other 1999 teen comedies [She's All That, 10 Things I Hate About You, etc.], American Pie wasn't afraid to talk about sex, with the film focusing on five best friends' quest to love their respective virginities before the end of high school.

Featuring a cast of mostly unknown actors, it launched the careers of Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, Chris Klein and Tara Reid, among others. Plus, it cemented Jennifer Coolidge's status as pop culture's ultimate movie MILF. [For those who didn’t know, the term MILF was birthed in the original American pie]

The entire original cast with the exception of Nadia [Shannon Elizabeth], Kevin [Thomas Ian Nicolas] and “Jim’s dad” Mr. Levenstein [Eugene Levy] stopped by Entertainment tonight to share all their wild and crazy memorie. Check it out:

The original film was made for just $10 million, American Pie went on to gross over $235 million and become a billion dollar franchise, continuing with three big screen sequels and four straight-to-DVD spin-offs.

Theres even been talk talk about an unconfirmed 5 installment to the original quad-trilogy dubbed “American Vacation” or "American pie 5" but nothing has be confirmed.

We guess until then we'll have to reminisce on the hilarious past times and stories we already have from the gang of East Great Falls!


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