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Ace Venture 3 is in development for Amazon Prime Video!

Amazon cant seem to let the past be the past. First jumping on board with attaching themselves to The Coming 2 America revival, now Amazon is looking to resurrect yet another iconic franchise with one of Hollywoods most recognizable comedians.

Originally reported by Screen Rant, word is that Ace Ventura 3 is in development for Amazon from the writers of Sonic the Hedgehog, according to Morgan Creek, the franchise's production company.

Ace Ventura was originally released in 1994 which helped launch “In Loving Color“ star Jim Carrey as one of the biggest Hollywood names of the 1990s. This then spawned the sequel, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls the following year, and then in 2009, a not so well known spinoff (Not starring Carrey) following the child of Ace Venture titled Ace Venture Jr. No word on whether or not the three stories will be canon.

Park Circus, the team at Morgan Creek, the production company behind the Ace Ventura movies, also had this to say.

During COVID, audiences have been in love and are thrilled to have beloved characters brought back with new stories. Ace Ventura will see a new day at Amazon as a major motion-picture/theatrical with the Sonic the Hedgehog writers.

So are you excited to see Ace back on the case? Let us know what you think.


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